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Today’s advertising customers are more digital than ever; interacting with video on various display types and sizes numerous times on a daily basis. An effective advertiser needs to maximize their return on investment across all types and styles of video where customers are interacting with informative content on a regular basis. THWGlobal enables organizations to do just this; by engage with their customers through video content that aids in connecting their customers in a relevant and meaningful way while seamlessly aligning with their advertising marketing plans and strategies. 

THWGlobal presents an unparalleled opportunity which allows anyone to capitalize on the massive and ever growing global digital media and advertising market. It is projected that spending in the digital media and advertising market worldwide will climb to over $542 billion in 2016; and to a staggering $700 billion plus by the end of 2019. These upsurges are being propelled by increased investments in digital video advertising, where THWGlobal has strategically positioned itself. 

OPPORTUNITY: Welcome to THW Global: Welcome to THW Global THW Global Pay Plan: Up to $25 per hour watching Better Than YouTube Type Videos. Also huge management 6 figure oppor...



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